Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Students Love it, iMovie!

It shouldn't amaze me how quickly students discover ways to create with any given iOS app, but it still does… I have been using iMovie with 2nd-5th grade students during the last two weeks and they, the students, are fascinated to create using iMovie. Not only are they in love with the app, but it is almost an instinctive app. Students are producing movies about parts of speech, animals they researched, book trailers, president reports, etc. It is amazing to see students so excited about creating something from information they have learned. The beauty is, they will watch their creations over and over, which means the information will really sink in if it had not already during the research and creation process. If students create book trailers, upload the video to YouTube and then make a QR Code to attach to the book that the video is about. Soon enough you will have a library full of books with trailers to entice little readers to read books in your classroom library.

Tutorial Video:

Student Examples:

Book Trailer (5th Grade)

Pronouns (3rd Grade)

Adjectives (3rd Grade)

Elephant Report (3rd Grade)

Book Review (2nd Grade)

The Snowshoe Hare (4th Grade)

President Report (5th Grade)

Teacher Example (Trailer)

Teacher Example (Movie) )