Friday, May 8, 2015

International Friends Foster Learning

What a great opportunity to meet students from another country! We have been blessed to sail two iBoats in the Atlantic Ocean. An iBoat is a small unmanned boat that has a GPS tracker attached to it.  Our first boat circled around in what is called, "The Garbage Patch" for many months and is still sailing around. The second boat we sailed left shore October 2013. Fishermen off the coast of Cape Cod dropped it in the ocean for us and 11 months later (November 14, 2014) it landed in Quilmes Carnota (La Coruna), Spain. The nice gentleman who discovered the boat, brought it to the local school. Documents attached to the boat asked that whoever finds the boat to find a local school to bring the boat to. That is when a friendship was born. My contact information was also on the boat and the headmaster of the school got in touch with me. We have had two Skype visits so far and we plan to meet again. Videos of our meetings below.

We plan to meet one more time. My students are learning a couple songs in Spanish, we have a students band that will play, and we will share some information about our community.

If you would like more information about the iBoat program, visit Educational Passages.