Friday, January 9, 2015

NWEA Testing Tutorials

The purpose of this article is to serve as a resource for teachers who will be proctoring NWEA tests. I have created a series of tutorial videos to help you through the process and hopefully trouble shoot any issues that may arise. At the end of the article I wrote out some trouble shooting tips.

NWEA Teacher Log-in and Starting a Test

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NWEA  Computer Set-up and Student Log-in

NWEA Student Log-in (Student Version)
You could show this video to your students ahead of time,
to prepare them for logging in before you go to the computer lab.

Trouble Shooting Quick Tips:

1. If a student gets booted out of their computer... Go to the test session on your teacher computer. Click on the box before that student's name so that it is checked. Click on Select Action. Choose Suspend. Then you will have to select the student again, then Test Again in actions. They will have to sign in and be confirmed again. You need to complete the Test Again part of the instructions before the student can sign in, otherwise their name will not be on the list.

Sometimes a student will be booted out of the test before they begin. If that happens, instead of changing the student's testing status from Testing to Suspend in Select Actions, you will need to choose Do Not Confirm. The object of this trouble shooting process is to always get a student back to Awaiting Student so that they can log in from their computer. You can use any of the options in Select Action except Terminate. The Terminate option will end a test and not save any of the student progress. 

2. If a question does not load properly... On the lower left of the students testing screen there is a reset button. Click Reset and then click yes. Sometimes after this step there is still the instructions for a student to raise their hand. If you feel that the message does not interfere with the student reading and answering the question, the student can continue. If you want to remove the message, go to your teacher testing page, click in the box next to the student's name, go up to Select Action, choose Pause, click on the student's box in front of their name again, go to Select Action, choose Resume. The student will need to click Resume on their computer and then a new question will appear.

3. If a student does not finish their test. Click in the box next to student's name and in Select Action choose Suspend. This will allow the student to pick up on the same number question the next time that they log in. There is a time limit to a suspended test. I think it is 14 days... When the student logs back in to test again, make sure to choose resume where they left off when prompted on the teacher computer. When you end a test session, any student that was testing will automatically be suspended. You can use this option to save time from checking boxes in front of student names.