iPad Videos

If YouTube is blocked at your school, most of my videos can be found on Vimeo

How to Use Adobe Voice, September 2015

AutoRap Tutorial, September 2014

iMovie Trailer Tutorial, September 2014

Making an iMovie on an iPad, March 2014

Students Using AudioBoo to Enhance a Project, February 2014

How to Use Pic Stitch on an iPad, September 2013

Using Splice on an iPad, September 2013

StoryKit in Education, May 2013

Using Scribble Press to Write Books, May 2013

Tar Heel Reader for Creating On-line Books, May 2013

Increase Fluency with Evernote, April 2013

Apple TV, March 2013

Planet Reports Rock!, February 2013

1:1 iPads at EL and SF Schools, October 2012

How to Use Evernote for Fluency Tracking and Reflection, December, 2012

iPads at HBE, Spring 2012

A Book Review Teacher Example Using Splice, September 2012

Student Fotobabble Project, May 2012

Using Classblogmeister and iTalk on iPads, September 2011