Monday, February 25, 2013

Loving Popplet Lite

Originally Posted February 11, 2013
On My Classblogmeister Blog

Popplet is a wonderful iPad tool for mind-mapping. In the example below students used the App to create an image to help visualize robust vocabulary words. This App can be used for any subject. Students can use it to help plan out a story, to create a report on any topic, or to even work out a math problem. I love the endless possibilities with this App. Of course this can even be taken to the next level by using the images created with Popplet in different applications like Educreations, ShowMe, FotoFlo, or Splice.

5:00 Addendum: A few hours after this post, I discovered that Popplet can also be used through a browser on a computer. Not only can you create a Popplet, but you can work/collaborate on it with other people. This opens up even more possibilities...