Tuesday, February 26, 2013

NoRedInk for Grammar Practice

During vacation I had some time to explore on the web, more than usual, and I found a really great site for practicing grammar. Many teachers will ask me if there is anything like TenMarks for LA practice. I had yet to find something that is free and loved by students and teachers. NoRedInk may be the solution.

The site is still under development. I have been in contact with Jeff Scheur, the developer, and he stated that they are updating the features to both the paid and the free versions. For now a teacher can create an account and give the class code to their students. After students join, they can choose topics of interest to them. Then all of the practice questions will include their chosen interests.

I had a class test it out for me today and they were excited when the sentence they needed to correct was about Tom Brady, Taylor Swift, or even a beloved pet. One girl raised her hand and I thought she had a question for me, but what she wanted to show me was that the sentence was about her. The look on her face was priceless.

Once students have practiced, they can check their progress and see what they need to work on. Teachers can also check student progress when logged into their teacher account. NoRedInk works on any device including iPads!