Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hour of Code

( * = Works on iPads using Safari.)

*2. Angry Birds (Grades 3-5)
3. Lightbot (Grades 2-5)
*4. Tinker (Grades K-5)
5. Scratch (Grade 5)
*6. Coding Projects by Google 
(Grades 2-5)

Grades K-2: BeeBot & Kodable
Grade 5: Hopscotch  and Codecademy

Great intro video to show students before the coding event!

President Obama speaks about coding.

Last year during "Hour of Code" my students were selected to chat with Jack Dorsey. Because we had a snow day on the day of the chat I invited some students to my home so that we could still take part in the live chat. Delaney asked a great question. (The very last question.) Check out the video below.