Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Newsela for Current Events (Grades 2-12)

It seems that students are not exposed to current events as much as students were when I was a student. Yeah, so cliche. When I was a student we also did not have computers and the internet. We would clip articles out of newspapers to share with the rest of our class at school.

Well, I have found a safe way for students to read current event articles that are customized to individual students' reading levels. Plus students can take quizzes after reading an article to keep track of their own progress.

Here is what you do to get started...

1. Download the app Newsela. The app is also located in the SAD6 App Store for students to download.
2. Sign up for Newsela at or on the iPad app. You will need to verify your email address. In our district the verification email will go to your spam folder. Go to Spam under the more tab and look for an email from Newsela.
3. Once you verify your email address the site will have you create a class. Once you create a class, go to settings in the upper right hand corner and click classes.

4. Your students will use the class code when they sign in.

Here is what your students will do to get started...

1. Download the app from the SAD6 app store.
2. Open up the app by tapping it after it downloads.
3. Click "Sign Up".
4. Choose "I'm a Learner".
5. Click "Yes".
6. Enter the class code and click "Next". (The code is not case sensitive.)
5. Fill in the information. (Students will choose their own unique username and password using only numbers and letters with zero spaces.) You will be able to reset student passwords from your account if students forget their password.)

Teachers can assign articles from their account. Students will find assigned article in their binder. When you are looking at an article there will be a place on the upper left side to choose "assign". Students can explore and read articles without the articles being assigned. Over on the right hand side, while reading an article, students can change the reading level to meet their needs.

Screen shot of an article: