Thursday, February 4, 2016

Write Draw; An iPad Version of the Telephone Game

 I recently ran across an app that students can use to practice writing sentences. Plus the app can be used a variety of other ways if you think outside the box. For instance Write Draw can be used in math. The first student would create a math problem. The second student would solve the problem and the next student could solve the problem a different way. Students could use the app for a "How To" collaborative writing assignment. The first student would write the first step. The second student would draw it out. Then the next student would write out the next step, etc. Or a student could hold on to the iPad for two turns so that they are writing and drawing each turn. I used this app with 2nd and 3rd graders so far. It is probably appropriate for 1st-5th.

For the introductory activity I gave students a quick walk through of how to use the app and showed them an example. Then I had all students get their iPads and sit in a large circle around the entire classroom so that they will not see each other's iPads. Next students went into the app and wrote a silly sentence. After each turn students would 1. Click send 2. Type their name 3. Click pass 4. Put their iPad onto the floor as a cue to me that they were ready to pass their iPads to the left. We passed iPads for around 7 turns and then used the rest of the class time to share via the classroom Apple TV and projector.

A quick video of students working and two student examples: