Monday, March 17, 2014

Moldiv and Pic Collage for Poetry

Today some 5th grade students created Limericks for St. Patrick's Day, however this idea can be used for any holiday or non-holiday poetry.

The classroom teacher, Mrs. Lucy, taught her students how to write limericks and the students spent some time writing before I joined them and demonstrated the highlights of three apps.

Apps Used… All free… 

Art App - Students can draw/create pictures to use in any other application on an iPad. Then save the artwork to the photo gallery from where the creation can be used in another app.

Moldiv - (Creation to the left.) Is a great pic frame type app that the user can import pictures from the photo gallery, customize the frames, and add text. In this example the student chose one frame in order to have enough room for their poem.

Pic Collage - (Creations below.) Is a really great pic collage app. The user can import pictures from their iPad's photo gallery, but also get pics from the web, or add stickers all within the app. Users can get a little more creative with the text as well. For example the limerick below on the left has all the text within yellow text boxes.

Once the students finished, they emailed their project to their classroom teacher and myself. If you are lucky enough to have a newer iPad, you can share via airdrop. (Grades 2-3 have this option in our district.)

A couple more examples:

Created with Moldiv

Created with Pic Collage

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