Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Story Me for Literacy and Beyond

Story Me (free) is a super fun comic strip creating app for students and teachers alike. With Story Me's intuitive ease of use, students will create comics strips quickly and instinctively to demonstrate their knowledge of subject matter or to enjoy the writing process. Users can choose from a variety of frame styles. Once the project is complete, there are many sharing options available. With the latest (Nov. 2013) iOS devices, AirDrop is my favorite way to share. For older iOS devices, email and Google Drive work nicely.

One of my favorite features of the app is that any picture that the user adds to the comic strip will be cartoonized (Yeah, I made up my own verb.) I love this feature because it makes it easier to post pictures of students. I am less worried about accidentally using a pic of students who do not have permission to have their image posted on the internet. Within the app the cartoon feature can be adjusted from a normal photograph to extreme cartoon.

Student Examples and Inspiration

Students in third grade researched a
person to write a biography about. As a part of their project, the students created a comic strip featuring the person they researched.

In this example the student was playing with the app to learn how to use it. In the end this third grader came up with a humorous way to express themselves and the photos that they took of things within their classroom.

Story Me is a great way to collect digital evidence for different math standards along with any other subject. Have students add their evidence to their digital portfolios.

Second grade students wrote the procedure to making oobleck, a Dr. Seuss science experiment. Story Me is a great application for writing out steps or directions for a variety of things.