Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Using Pic Stitch and Splice on iPads

Two great creation apps for students and educators to use on iPads are Pic Stitch, a photo collage creator, and Splice, a movie maker. These two apps can be used well with any subject. Of course there are other apps available that can do similar things. I also like Moldiv which is similar to Pic Stitch and Loopster which is similar to Splice. Splice is no longer free so if you are on a budget, you may want to choose Loopster.

What students can do with Pic Stitch or a similar app:

1. Make a collage representing a robust vocabulary word.
2. Report out on something they learned about, like The Great Depression, Abraham Lincoln, The Rain Forest, The Water Cycle etc.
3. A collage for parts of speech.
4. A field trip recap.
5. SOPs, Standard Operating Procedures.
6. Solving math problems.
7. Use the collages created in other applications like Splice, Loopster, Educreations, Popplet, etc.
8. The list could be endless so get creative and have fun.

What students can do with Splice or a similar app:

1. Book trailers!
2. Reports!
3. Commercials for subject related material.
4. Tutorials.
5. Demonstrating understanding of a target.
6. Recording and reflecting on fluency.

Students helped me create tutorials for Pic Stitch and Splice.