Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ThingLink Keeps Getting Better and Better

Thinglink is a site that allows users to create interactive posters by embedding text, videos and sound onto a photograph. I have used the site with students via laptops and they love it. One great feature is that the creations can be embedded on a site for sharing purposes. Thinglink is a super tool for showcasing student's understanding of standards. What has made it even better is there is now an app for iOS. I am extremely excited about this app! The only missing feature is it looks like voice files can no longer be added and from the app users can not embed their creations. However, the user can share their work via Twitter and Facebook, plus send a link via email to someone. If you click open in Safari while in the app the user would need to log in and then they can share through a few more options plus copy the embed code to use on a website, blog, or wiki.

Below is a practice Thinklink I created using the app on an iPad mini. I am really looking forward to using this awesome tool with students.