Thursday, September 12, 2013

iPad Cart Tips and Ideas

Managing and sharing iPad carts can be tricky sometimes. Hopefully some of these tips may help make the process run a bit smoother. Even if you are fortunate enough to not share or your students have access to 1:1 iPads, these tips can be useful.

1. Post reminders/SOPs directly on the cart. (ex. Remember to log out of accounts.)

2. Mark iPads and storage slots with numbers and have students always use the same iPad. If something happens with an iPad, knowing who to have a conversation with comes in very handy.

3. Have the lock screen of an iPad be a picture of all the students who use that particular iPad. This step creates a quick reference for anyone who finds an iPad lying around.

4. Post QR codes on the cart for quick access to sites.

5. Put students in charge of updating apps.

6. Use a shared calendar, like Google Calendar, to sign out times for the cart to be in teacher classrooms.

7. Show students how to check battery percentage and plug in their device to be charged. A typical charge should last 2-3 days school days depending on use. (10 hours of use) Students should plug in the device at the end of the school day if the battery is between 20% - 40%. If a battery reaches 15% it should be plugged in immediately for a full charge. Watch this great 4min video by Tony Vincent on battery life. It may help your personal devices last longer as well.