Friday, May 6, 2016

What a Voyage! Two Stops and Lots of New Friends!

The SS Scots, a mini boat with a GPS locator, was built in Maine-USA, visited classrooms in the Bonny Eagle School District (Standish, Limington, Steep Falls, Buxton, and Hollis - Maine), driven to Cape Cod Massachusetts, loaded onto a fisherman's boat, and plunked into the Atlantic Ocean. The students from the Bonny Eagle school district made predictions on where the iBoat would travel and checked the GPS map regularly to see where the SS Scots had journeyed. The students were hoping to make new friends from another country.

Students lucked out when the SS Scots landed in La Coruna, Spain.

All of the iBoats launched in 2013!

Third grade students from the Bonny Eagle school district, who were 2nd graders when the SS Scots was launched in 2013, Skyped with students in La Coruna, Spain. Videos of the Skype visits are embedded below.

Then our friends from Spain fixed up the SS Scots and set it out for another voyage. Check out the photos below showing how the SS Scots was fixed up and the students from Spain sending the boat out for it's next journey.

Video of the SS Scots leaving La Coruna, Spain = Video

On September 8, 2015 the SS Scots was found in Tenerife (Canary Islands) by an environmental consulting firm that specializes in marine environment. The firm took the SS Scots to a local school.

Bonny Eagle students that Skyped with the students from Spain had the opportunity to Skype with students from Tenerife, Spain.

The SS Scots will soon be on another journey that is predicted to bring the iBoat back to the United States. Follow the journey here.