Wednesday, May 25, 2016

iPad Wrap-Up School Year 2015-2016

Prior to sharing a checklist for taking care of your iPads before the students leave, I would like to say that if you have downloaded WriteDraw on your iPads... do not delete the app if you like using it with your students. It has been removed from the app store and will not be available to be downloaded once removed from an iPad. I will keep searching to find a similar tool, but so far nothing compares to the features of this particular app.

iPad Checklist: (Ryan most likely will not be touching your iPads this summer.)

1. Have students upload all valuable work to their Google Drive account. A video tutorial can be found here.
2. Have students sign out of all of their accounts like Google account apps, Newsela, Front Row, IXL, email, Literably, TenMarks, etc.
3. Have students remain logged into accounts that are teacher accounts to save time next year. (Examples: Adobe, Epic!, Educreations, AudioBoom, VoiceThread, ThingLink, AutoRap, ect.)
4. Have students delete all photos and videos from their iPad.
5. Have students close all tabs in Safari.
6. Have students delete all apps that you think will not be pertinent to the beginning of the school year.
7. Charge iPads to 80% and then unplug them from the charger.
8. Shut down the iPads. You may need to recharge the iPads when you come back in August, but doing these last two steps will help to preserve battery life.