Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fun With Vocabulary

A great way to help students remember vocabulary words is to allow them to pose or act out their words for a photograph or a video recording. Students love watching themselves so much that they will watch their creation over and over again reinforcing their knowledge of the words they are trying to remember and establish as part of their working vocabulary. Around 5th grade this activity may be hit or miss. I have witnessed some 5th grade students that still enjoy watching themselves on film while others become shy and self conscience around this age.

Students are quite capable of creating their own videos using Splice ($3.99) or Loopster (free) on iPads, iMovie on a Mac, or other video creating software. If it is not a project that a teacher wants students spending too much time on, the students can collect the footage and the classroom teacher can put together the video. Once the short clip is created, share the videos by embedding them on your blog or website. Students will want to share their brilliance with their parents, which creates more traffic to your blog or website.


Photograph Example

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.

Video Example

Robust Vocabulary from Jessica Melcher on Vimeo.

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