Thursday, May 16, 2013

StoryKit and Scribble Press Apps Enhancing Literacy

There is more to book creation apps than just writing books. Students can use the apps to create fictional stories, but beyond that students can create math stories, research reports, tutorials, and much much more. Students can also share their work in a variety of formats and read other students' work, therefore creating an authentic audience. Two wonderful apps for creating books on iPads are StoryKit (free) and Scribble Press (no longer free). Both apps have some really great features.

StoryKit has been around for a very long time. I originally used it with my students on iPod Touches before there was even such a thing as an iPad. The app has never been updated and that could be a good thing. If you want to purchase the app while using an iPad, you need to make sure that you click on iPhone when looking it up in the store. It is also good to know that apps purchased as iPhone apps will not be pushed to all iPads under one Apple ID like it normally can be done for iPad apps. (If you did not know about this setting, go to iPad settings>iTunes & App Stores>Automatic Downloads> turn Apps to on) This feature really is a timesaver!