Friday, March 8, 2013

Easy Graph Creator

A few years ago, when I taught second grade, I used Kids' Zone graph creator with my students. I had forgotten all about the site during the last couple of years until recently a third grade teacher asked me if I knew of a site for making graphs on computers. Then another third grade teacher asked a similar question, but wanting a graph creator app for iPads. I wondered if that wonderful graph making site would work on an iPad and guess what? It worked tremendously well. Therefore, I highly recommend Kids' Zone for all of your graph making needs no matter what device you are using.

If using Kids' Zone on an iPad, the user will want to click on the "Print/Save" tab once the graph is completed, click on download, and once download is touched a new window will open up with the graph displayed. Then the user needs to lightly touch on the graph and hold for a couple seconds and a pop up will appear with "Save Image" or "Copy". This part of the process may have to be tried more than once. Sometimes you need to have the right touch. Lastly, click on "Save Image" and the graph will be loaded into the iPad's Photo Gallery. Now your graph is ready to be used in any application that allows the user to import photos from the iPad's photo gallery.

Thank you Jenna and Paula for joggling my memory.