Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Must Have Apps for the Elementary Classroom

In the image above I created a venn diagram displaying Must Have Apps for the Elementary Classroom. As you can see there are many creation apps on the diagram and most can be used for both math and language arts. Almost all of the apps are free or have been free at one point in time and may be again some day. A few of the apps require an account, but many will allow for several users at one time on a single account. I have found that to be the easiest course of action when using apps that require an account. Less time spent logging into an account and more time for productivity. Create one class account and then have students log into that account. If you share iPads with another class the students can log in and out quickly and help each other since they share a user name and password. If iPads remain in your classroom, the account can remain logged in throughout the school year.

Most of the apps are great for students to demonstrate their understanding of concepts or standards plus allow for sharing finished products quite easily. Have fun and be creative with these apps and the students will too.