Wednesday, January 8, 2014

NWEA/MAP Web-based Testing

During the month of January I will be proctoring NWEA/MAP tests in all four of my elementary schools. In the past we have used software that is downloaded onto computers to administer the test, but this year the test is on-line. A secure browser, provided by MAP, needs to be downloaded onto each computer. Other than that, testing is web-based or quoted from my new favorite movie, The Internship, "on the line".

There is always a learning curve when trying stuff for the first time, so I would like to share some of the things I have learned so far to help make the testing experience a bit smoother for any educators that have to administer web-based NWEA/MAP testing.

1. Only one testing session can be run at a time, per educator account. Often some students do not finish within the allotted 70 minutes that classes are scheduled to be in the lab testing. In the past I have allowed the students to remain with the next scheduled class to finish testing by pausing their test and then once the next class is ready to test the students from the previous class can continue testing. The best way to continue with this practice within the new system is to suspend the unfinished tests, start a new session with the next class, and then add the students that need to finish their test to the new testing session.

2. Test session names are randomly created. If you get an awkward name, end the session and start over. I had one session come up as swore4646.

3. Have students log into the session first before you go over the instructions. The first time I tested a class, I did not realize that it would get to a point where students have to wait for the proctor to confirm testing to begin. Once I get students to the place where it asks for students to wait for a proctor, I then go over the instructions.

4. Great resources: Testing Step by Step and Student Practice Plus Prep

Happy testing!