Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Looooving AudioBoo!!!

I have used numerous audio recorders throughout the years and I have to say AudioBoo is by far the best app and site I have tried. One stop shopping at it's best!

Today I was working with a class of second graders and we were going to record student stories using a site I have used in the past, well that site was not working. None of the apps or sites I have used in the past were going to work for what we needed without having a gazillion steps. The second grade students wrote stories and drew a picture of the character in their story. The classroom teacher, Julie Lariviere, wanted to have her students record themselves reading their story and then create a QR code to add to the poster so that whoever scanned the QR code would be able to hear a student reading their story. So, it was on to plan B. I downloaded AudioBoo after reading that the recordings would be saved to an account. It would be easy enough to generate QR Codes with web addresses for each of the audio files. I was pleasantly surprised that AudioBoo has it's own QR Generator built into the site and can be used on any device. The audio file must be created using the app, but then what you do with the file can be done by logging into your account on a tablet or a computer.

The link to each audio file will look similar to the photo on the left.

Highlights of the site, in yellow:

1. Easy playback.

2. Embed Code for placing the audio directly on a site. (See below for an embedded audio file.)

3. Save directly to iTunes as a Podcast.

4. Generate QR codes.

There are so many great ways to use AudioBoo in the classroom. Here are a few suggestions.

1. fluency
2. verbal directions
3. question of the day
4. audio books
5. message home to parents
6. students answering a question
7. correct answer check - QR code leads students to correct answers.
8. poetry reading
9. scavenger hunts
10. ...and much much more.